Our Services

Bounyan offers a unique real estate development and managing services in Jerusalem and nearby cities. Since its establishment the company is focusing on fulfilling the missing parts of the real estate development in Jerusalem.


Development in partnership with the people – We create solid and honest partnership with the residents of Jerusalem. Our customers through this experience are acting like developers and investing money to purchase the land and build the project.

Bounyan is willing to purchase and develop plots of land in any Jerusalem neighborhood subject to clear ownership and respectful living to its customers. The company role is to manage, supervise and monitor the transaction on behalf of its customers. Following the land secure stage, Bounyan is conducting its well established practices to take the project through design and construction stages.

Construction Management

Bounyan provides services in Projects and Construction Management as well Technical Supervision. We represent the clients / owners of projects to develop the project from A to Z.

Bounyan Technical Team is led by Engineer Nidal Ghaith and a group of qualified engineers in all disciplines. Hundreds of years of experience are embedded within the structure of the company which leaves our clients highly satisfied with our services – matching international experience with local market knowledge.

Six highly qualifies engineers are currently working in the Technical and Management Division and a larger number of consultants and advisors matching all clients’ needs in one stop operation.

Asset Management

On behalf of our clients we are managing buildings in any part of the city, we services includes the following –

  1. Rent collection
  2. Financial management
  3. Maintenance
  4. Monitoring and life extending for the building components
  5. Cleaning
  6. Gardening
  7. Security
  8. Others based on the building needs

Real Estate Marketing

As an established company and based on our solid experience we offer marketing services to developers – personal and companies. Our services will ensure the project is well defined in terms of marketing material and brand. We extend the reach to the majority of potential customers in the local market and we create project awareness to maximize the profitability of our clients. Moreover, we are managing all the customers’ requirements through our CRM system.